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It's Baritone Season!


Spring by Baritone Is a beautiful laid back lyrical tribute to the season spring

 when everything is new again..


The song Spring was written and produced as part of acclaimed jazz recording artist Baritones Seasons Project.  The Seasons Project is accompanied with the upcoming releases of Summertime, Autumn Fall & Winter, as we approach each season.


The songs describe the seasons with that cool easy Brazillian Jazz / Bossa Nova vibe.   Baritone's wonderfully descriptive lyrics are pure poetry that we get to experience through amazing music. 


The brilliant idea was completed over the last 2 years, as Baritone observed the seasons changing while sheltering in place at home.


We have already started promoting the project's pre-sale on all social media platforms and digital music stores with the official release date of Easter Sunday April 17th 2022.  And Baritone will follow up the songs release with his amazing Spring video.


There is a great deal of excitement, as Baritone kicks off his first live performance in Hollywood CA. during the Bounce Trumpet Awards 30th Anniversary and next at the Hyatt Corporation in Chicago!


Baritone, is an acclaimed International Jazz recording artist and producer. A deep soulful jazz vocalist, Baritones style is a homage to the great legendary singers of all time.


He delivers a family friendly show with all the energy and style we love from our favorite classic singers. A charismatic singer, whose voice made him a favorite of the ladies. Perhaps it's fitting that music critics characterize Baritone as a rising music icon.

"And nobody sings an anthem like this man!"



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